December product update: Rental listings, recurring invoices and much more!


December product update: Rental listings, recurring invoices and much more!

There’s nothing like the feeling of summer, the proximity of the holidays and waking up to a fresh batch of exciting PropertyMe features and enhancements. 

Rental Listings

After a few months of testing, we are excited to announce that our Rental Listings feature is now available for all Standard Plan subscribers to use.

Listings is a Standard Plan feature which uploads properties available for lease to the main listing portals straight through your PropertyMe. Meaning you can upload properties to the many advertising websites used to publish, update and lease your properties all in one place.

You can learn more about Listings (Standard Plan) here.

Recurring Invoices

Standard Plan subscribers who are a part of our beta test program will now have access to a new top-voted feature: Recurring Invoices.

Recurring invoices allows you to add ongoing charges which occur throughout a tenancy. These invoice items can be allocated to be payable to the owner or a selected supplier.

When the rent invoice is generated, the charges that you’ve entered will be included on the invoice for payment by the tenant. These invoice items will appear together as one invoice in the tenants Pending Invoices section, and individually in the receipt window.

You still have the ability to cancel these invoices as per usual. Each invoice item can be cancelled and any non-rent receipts can be written off.

You can learn more about Recurring Invoices (Standard Plan) here.

Listings for rural and vacant land properties 

Our listing types have now been expanded to support rural and vacant land properties across sale and rental listings.

The floor and land area options are available to all listing types in PropertyMe. When these fields are complete, the information will populate in the designated location on the advertising portals.

In rural For Sale listings, you will see the additional fields that are specific to the listing type. Some examples include fencing, annual rainfall, irrigation and soil type.

In vacant land For Sale listings, you have the option to include land measurements in full and all other sale-related options. Vacant land For Rent listings now have an outgoings option in addition to the standard rental fields.

You can learn more information about this here.

PropertyMe Agent app enhancements

Enhancements have been made to the PropertyMe Agent app on all devices to make your PropertyMe experience even more seamless. 

You can now add and view commercial property fields and information, just like in the PropertyMe web app. You are also able to add suppliers on the PropertyMe Agent app with ease.

Additionally, for iOS users, you will be able to utilise the Demo Portfolio on your device by clicking Settings > Portfolio > Demo Portfolio.

Android users will be able to quickly switch between the device or app cameras within an inspection by holding down the camera icon and selecting the alternate camera as required. 

Click here for an explanation of camera settings in both PropertyMe Agent apps.

If you are a PropertyMe customer, you can view the release notes for these features here.

Listings for commercial properties

We’ve added the ability to create and publish your rental and sale commercial property listings into PropertyMe.

You can learn more information about Listings here.

If you are a PropertyMe customer, you can view the release notes for these features here.

If you’re a PropertyMe Customer, you can read the November and December release notes in the PropertyMe Knowledge Base

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