The best towns to nab a winter rental in 2024

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The best towns to nab a winter rental in 2024

Winter’s icy grip is slowly approaching, but it’s more than just a chill in the air for Property Managers. EOFY looms, bringing a blizzard of paperwork and to-do lists. While fancy wellness retreats sound tempting, the price tag can be enough to send you running for the hills (literally!). 

But fear not; we’ve scoured the map for hidden havens – charming small towns that offer a stress-free winter experience. These destinations boast affordability, exciting winter activities and a cosy atmosphere. So ditch the spreadsheets and embrace the season! Let’s find you your perfect winter escape.

Daylesford, VIC

Daylesford is a charming town nestled in the foothills of Victoria’s Great Dividing Range, roughly 90 minutes northwest of Melbourne. Renowned for its rich history, Daylesford offers a unique blend of relaxation and adventure, making it a perfect winter getaway for Property Managers seeking an escape. As winter ascends, Daylesford transforms into a cosy wonderland. Boasting a rich history reflected in its charming architecture, Daylesford has European-inspired heritage buildings, an array of trendy cafes and the Convent Gallery, which is a famous art gallery housed in a 19th-century mansion. If you Property Managers want to relax and reset from a busy first half of the year, Hepburn Bath House & Spa is an iconic must-do! Immerse yourself in luxury with their curated spa packages. Hepburn Springs boasts mineral waters renowned as “Liquid Gold” for their high content of magnesium, calcium and sulphur. These minerals are believed to work wonders on your mind and body, promoting relaxation and restoration. The “Day Retreat” package offers a haven of pampering for up to four blissful hours, all for just $330 per person. Imagine soothing soaks in the mineral-rich waters, followed by rejuvenating treatments and a touch of pure serenity.

Accommodation-wise, Daylesford offers a range of budget-friendly lake houses quaint cabins, and spa villas with country views, so there really is something for everyone! On average, you’ll pay $495 a week. If you end up falling in love with the place, a 2-bedroom apartment will set you back $837,500 as a Median price.

Devonport, TAS

Devonport is a beautiful city situated on the northern coast of Tasmania, where the Mersey River meets the Bass Strait coast. Known as the gateway to Tasmania, it’s a popular entry point for visitors arriving on the Spirit of Tasmania ferry from Melbourne. Don’t let the cool weather fool you! Devonport offers a delightful range of winter activities, from invigorating adventures in the crisp air to warm and inviting experiences indoors. One of those invigorating adventures is visiting Cradle Mountain. A short distance from Devonport, take a scenic drive In winter to this iconic landmark. Often blanketed in snow, Cradle Mountain offers spectacular views and photo opportunities. Another iconic must-see is the Mersey Bluff Lighthouse. What makes it special is its day mark — a series of vertical red stripes, unlike any other lighthouse in Australia.

When looking at accommodation, Devonport has a wide range of self-contained apartments and beachside holiday parks where the whole family can stay comfortably if need be. On average, Devonport will set you back $410 a week. If you want to lay roots, you’re looking at $380,000 for a 2-bedroom apartment.

Mudgee, NSW

Mudgee, nestled in the Cudgegong River valley, is a town in New South Wales, known for its world-class wineries, historical charm and picturesque countryside. It really is the perfect winter escape for Property Managers looking for a relaxing break! For those who love a drop of only the finest, explore Mudgee’s renowned wine region by visiting one of over 40 cellar doors. Sample acclaimed local wines, from classic Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay to unique cool-climate varietals. You may even want to try your luck at crystal hunting, in the Mudgee region and its surrounds, there are several fossicking areas such as Gulgong, Windeyer and Hill End. Within these areas, you can find sapphires, diamonds, rubies and of course gold.

Mudgee’s accommodation consists of luxurious cottages, winery stays and homestead guest houses as well as tourist parks. On average, a rental will cost you $510 a week. However, those looking to purchase in the area will be looking at paying $682,500.

Stanthorpe, QLD

Who would have thought, snow in Queensland? Stanthorpe is located in the Southern Downs Region of Queensland, approximately 223 kilometres southwest of Brisbane and is known to have snow events from time to time. Nestled in the heart of Queensland’s Granite Belt, Stanthorpe, also known as the “Big Apple,” is a charming town renowned for its wineries and fresh produce. Stanthorpe is a paradise for wine lovers, with over 50 wineries in the Granite Belt. Embark on a self-guided cellar door tour, or join a guided wine tour to discover the region’s unique varietals. The Granite Belt is also known for its artisan cheesemakers. Visit a cheese factory or shop to sample locally produced cheeses, from creamy brie to robust cheddar. You may even want to join a truffle hunting tour and witness the fascinating process of hidden truffles being unearthed by specially trained dogs!

Accommodation options for Stanthorpe range from self-contained country cottages with outdoor spas to brewery and winery accommodation. A rental will cost you on average $380 a week, while the Median house price for purchasing is $432,500.

Lakes Entrance, VIC

Close your eyes and picture Lakes Entrance: a breathtaking vista where the vastness of Ninety Mile Beach meets the serenity of the Gippsland Lakes. This haven by the sea, a tranquil escape 319 kilometres from Melbourne’s buzz, promises an unforgettable blend of coastal charm and aquatic adventures. Now the waters may be a little frosty in wintertime for swimming, but you can still explore the waterways and beaches without jumping in! Lakes Entrance bustles with a thriving fishing industry, so head down to the harbour early in the morning to witness the fresh catch being unloaded straight from the trawlers. Explore a network of hidden inlets, secluded beaches, and secret coves only accessible by water. Glide across the glassy surface by boat, kayak or canoe, and immerse yourself in the serene beauty of the Gippsland Lakes.

Accommodation options at Lakes Entrance vary from waterfront townhouses that have up to four bedrooms to a large variety of holiday parks and bed and breakfast stays. Rent a place for an average of $400 a week. Otherwise purchasing will set you back $540,000.

So, which town will you choose for your winter escape? If you’d like more ways to beat burnout this winter take a look at our blog here. We’d love to hear your thoughts on these recommendations. Feel free to email us at [email protected].