Beating change fatigue — Property Management & Me podcast episode 15


Beating change fatigue — Property Management & Me podcast episode 15

Welcome to ‘Beating change fatigue’, Episode 15 of the Property Management & Me podcast.

I’m your host Kate Sunol, I recently had the pleasure of chatting to with a summary of guest Hermione Gardiner from Sidekick Consulting. Hermione previously shared her expertise on understanding buyer psychology to help you win new business— a conversation that resonated with many of you. In this episode, we shifted gears to tackle a phenomenon prevalent across the industry: change fatigue. We dive into the dynamics of change within our real estate industry, the challenges it brings and, most importantly, the opportunities it presents for Property Managers. 

Unpacking change fatigue

Change fatigue — ever heard of it? If not, you’re probably feeling it without even realising. The Property Management sector has been on a whirlwind ride of technological advancements and procedural overhauls, especially in the past five years. From transitioning trust programs to integrating cutting-edge tech solutions, it’s a lot to keep up with. Hermione points out the dual challenge of not only mastering new systems but also staying abreast of continual feature updates and enhancements. It’s this relentless pace of change that’s leading to a noticeable weariness among professionals.

Yet, amidst the whirlwind of updates and new features, there lies a silver lining. Hermione shares insights on how to navigate and harness these changes strategically:

1. Ownership and leadership

Successful adaptation begins with leadership. A dedicated Property Management Director or a proactive team can significantly ease the transition into new technologies and processes. Hermione emphasizes the importance of having someone drive the change, making the implementation smoother and more cohesive.

2. Make time for improvement

One of the key strategies is allocating specific times for skill improvement and system updates. Whether it’s the first hour of the day or a dedicated session each week, making room for enhancement activities can lead to long-term benefits.

3. Embrace team collaboration

Change doesn’t have to rest on the shoulders of a single individual. By dividing responsibilities and focusing on areas of interest or expertise, teams can collectively drive improvements. This shared responsibility model not only fosters a sense of ownership but also ensures that no area is left in the shadows.

Practical tips for embracing change

Tangible steps that Property Managers can take to actively embrace change and integrate new technologies into their workflows:

1. Start with what you have

Begin by assessing the current tech stack and identifying underutilised features that could bring immediate benefits.

2. Small changes, big impact

Focus on implementing one new feature or process at a time. This gradual approach can prevent overwhelm and lead to significant improvements over time.

3. Feedback and flexibility

Open channels for feedback and be flexible in adjusting strategies based on what works and what doesn’t. This iterative process encourages continuous improvement and team engagement.

Fostering a culture of change

The conversation also touched on the critical role of leadership in fostering a culture receptive to change. Key elements of this include:

1. Inclusive communication

Ensure your team is well-informed and involved in the change process from the outset. This includes sharing the vision, expected outcomes and providing a platform for feedback.

2. Consistent support and follow up

Change is not a one-off event but a continuous journey. Regular check-ins and support mechanisms can help teams adapt more effectively, ensuring the new systems or processes are fully integrated and utilised.

As we wrapped up our conversation, it was clear that while change can be daunting, it also presents an opportunity for growth, efficiency and enhanced service delivery. The journey toward embracing change is not just about adopting new technologies; it’s about cultivating a mindset of continuous improvement, collaboration and strategic thinking.

Embracing change is not merely a necessity in today’s fast-paced environment; it’s a pathway to unlocking new potentials and redefining success in property management.

For those eager to dive deeper into transforming their property management practices, Hermione extends an open invitation for further discussion through, Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Stay tuned for more insights and practical tips in our next episode. Until then, here’s to navigating the waves of change with confidence and creativity!

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