Quiz: Which Property Manager are you?

Property Management

Quiz: Which Property Manager are you?

Welcome to our fun and insightful quiz, “Which Property Manager Are You?” Whether you’re a seasoned professional in the real estate industry or just curious about the varied roles and personalities in property management, this quiz is a delightful way to discover your management style. Through a series of engaging scenarios and choices, you’ll find out if you’re the impeccably organised planner, the spontaneous problem-solver, the enthusiastic newbie, the ultra-friendly relationship builder, the resourceful DIY expert or perhaps the Property Manager who is long overdue for a well-deserved vacation. Each question is designed to reflect typical situations in the life of a Property Manager, offering a glimpse into the diverse approaches and unique strategies employed in this dynamic field. So, grab a cup of coffee, relax and let’s find out which type of Property Manager resonates with you the most!

1. You have a stack of new Bills appear on your desk one morning, you:

A) Scan them into Bills AI to process for you, if there’s a tech solution it’s used.
B) Check the date and throw them into your in-tray to look at later.
C) What’s the difference between Bills and Invoices?
D) Don’t notice them for three days, you’re too busy with clients.
E) Find a spare five minutes in your calendar tomorrow to process and approve them all before calling all clients to make sure the work has been completed.
F) There were more papers added to my pile?

2. Your process for routines is:

A) The day prior a confirmation sms is sent, a quick reminder call the morning of, keys are packed in order of inspection time, business cards and a little treat packed for each property, hand sanitiser refilled and backup ipad charger is in the car.
B) Grab a stack of keys on your way out, just leaving in time to fit them all in, hoping to have enough phone charge to make it through the inspections. 
C) I get to come along!?
D) Running a few weeks behind. Can’t figure out how others get in and out in 15 minutes when yours are taking nearly an hour.
E) [Adds WD40, weed spray and windex to pack].
F) Managing to fit one in per day instead of a lunch break.

3. You get handed an agency agreement for a new client, you immediately:

A) Start a file with the approved naming convention, point out the missing details and book an inspection with a prospective tenant you recall is looking for exactly this.
B) Read enough details to get the listing online and plan to go over the rest later.
C) Check what’s on the market to figure out how the agency agreement is different to the appraisal price you generated.
D) Call to introduce yourself, get stuck for 20 minutes, learn the clients life story and get invited to their family barbecue on the weekend.
E) Jump in a car for a quick look around to see what needs to be done before advertising and make a mental note to come back and clear cobwebs on your way home.
F) [Scream internally].

4. Your license is coming up for renewal soon, you:

A) Finished CPD weeks ago and have submitted renewal docs online already.
B) Book an online CPD for the day before renewal.
C) Call your traineeship mentor to explain again why your License is different.
D) Have booked an in-person CPD to catch up and chat with other PMs.
E) Finish your course online then offer to do everyone else’s because you remember the questions.
F) Try to figure out how long you can afford to let your license lap and take forced leave for until it renews.

5. Your favourite PropertyMe feature is:

A) Integrations, you have your favourite tools hooked up.
B) Agent mobile app to do everything on the run.
C) Knowledge Base, followed closely by Facebook user group.
D) Contact notes after calls.
E) Tasks, Templates and Checklists, with customised lists of course.
F) Dashboard and Reminders, as long as the numbers go down not up it’s been a good day.

Which Property Manager are you?

Mostly A: you are the organised Property Manager

You have colour-coded folders for your colour-coded folders, can find a lease agreement faster than a squirrel spots a nut and tackle maintenance issues with the precision of a ninja. Your calendar is so well-structured that it predicts future events. In your world, ‘last minute’ is a myth, much like those two weeks in advance that disappeared. Your superpower? Turning the pandemonium of property management into a harmonious symphony, all while keeping your cool… and your spreadsheets updated.

Mostly B: you are the ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ Property Manager

You’re the improvisational genius of the real estate world. Your calendar is less a schedule and more a wild suggestion, each day a surprise party thrown by your properties. You tackle maintenance emergencies with the resourcefulness of a DIY show host, armed with nothing but a Swiss Army knife and an unshakeable optimism. Tenant calls are your improv comedy hour, where “planning ahead” is your punchline. In your world, the best plan is no plan, and somehow, against all odds, it works — usually!

Mostly C: you are the rookie Property Manager

You are a delightful mix of boundless enthusiasm and a “deer in the headlights” look, sporting an ever-present smile that’s part optimism, part “what have I gotten myself into?” You’re often found navigating the mysterious realm of maintenance requests, juggling tenant complaints like a circus performer and deciphering lease agreements as if they’re ancient hieroglyphics. Your phone buzzes more than a bee in a flower garden, each ring another adventure or, occasionally, a misadventure in property management. With every challenge, you’re learning the ropes, one quirky tenant and unexpected plumbing fiasco at a time!

Mostly D: you are the ultra-friendly Property Manager

You are the superhero of tenant relations! Someone who greets every maintenance request with the enthusiasm of a child on Christmas morning. You’re more reliable than a GPS in rush hour traffic, always navigating the complex maze of property management with a grin and have an uncanny ability to remember every tenant’s name, pet’s name and even their favourite pizza topping. You tackle leaky faucets and late-night lockouts with the grace of a ballet dancer and the speed of a superhero. In your world, every problem is just an opportunity for a friendly chat and a chance to whip out your trusty toolkit. You’re not just managing properties; you’re spreading joy, one repaired lightbulb at a time!

Mostly E: you are the DIY Property Manager

You are the ultimate multitasker, a sort of superhero with a toolbox instead of a cape. You’re the magician who can unclog a sink with one hand while balancing the books with the other, all with a phone squeezed between your shoulder and ear, scheduling the next viewing. They’re a mix of negotiator, handyperson and psychologist, ready to tackle anything from a leaking faucet to a tenant’s existential crisis about paint colours. In your world, a successful day is one where the only thing overflowing is their coffee cup and not the basement. Always on the go, you’re the unsung hero of the rental world, armed with a plunger in one hand and a lease agreement in the other!

Mostly F: you are the ‘overdue for a holiday’ Property Manager

You are the human equivalent of a whirlwind, juggling keys, phone calls and maintenance requests with the dexterity of a circus performer. Your desk is a museum of coffee cups and Post-it notes, each scribble a mini-saga of leaks, lockouts and last-minute viewings. Your phone buzzes more than a beehive in spring, and you’ve been known to answer emails faster than most people can type. In your world, multitasking isn’t just a skill, it’s an extreme sport!