Smoke Alarm Testing Services

Smoke Alarm Testing Services (SATS) is an Industry Leading Smoke Alarm Compliance company offering clients the latest time-saving innovations and technology across Australia & New Zealand.

Why Choose SATS?

Smoke Alarm Testing Services (SATS) is a professional smoke alarm testing company that is locally owned and operated. SATS has extensive partnerships within the Real Estate Industry throughout Australia and New Zealand.

While compliance is our core service we are best known for our ability to go above and beyond when it comes to ease of use, customer service and state of the art technology. Working in partnership, SATS is constantly keeping up to date, working side by side with the latest Maintenance Systems & Industry Platforms to provide seamless integration.

We know our stuff and we are down to earth folks who actually care about our clients. As legislation and compliance requirements morph and change, we provide current solutions so Real Estate Agents and Property Managers throughout Australia and New Zealand don’t have to. It’s one less task to juggle and part of a highly streamlined system that continues to deliver results.