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i4T Maintenance

If you have been juggling between maintenance requests, finding certified suppliers, and tracking work order quality, then i4T Maintenance has got you covered.

With seamless integration with PropertyMe, i4T Maintenance lets you share your property information, supplier details, and owner/occupant information between the two platforms bringing everything to your fingertips and making it accessible on the go.

How does i4T Maintenance act as a differentiator and benefit Authorized Service Agents such as Property Managers and Real Estate Agents?

  • Efficiency through Simplified user experience between PropertyMe & i4T Maintenance reducing admin time between the two platforms.
  • Full transparency of all rental property repairs and maintenance work orders in real-time, backed by timestamped audit process from start to finish.
  • Compliance Management with access to certificates of selected Field Service Suppliers.
  • Standardization of all invoices submitted by your selected suppliers, allowing property managers to analyze the data at a later stage.
  • Reduced operating costs and improved profit margin for managing a Rental Management Portfolio.

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