Inbound SMS

Access all your email and SMS messages from one central location

Streamline your communications workflow with a unified Inbox

View all your conversations in one place.

See what your teammates are saying too

Notifications Alerts

Never miss a message with instant alerts

Avoid doubling up and see what your teammates are saying too

With our Inbound SMS feature, you can even see what your teammates are saying to your key contacts. Ensure you don’t double up on messages and deliver excellent customer service.

The same Inbox you love for emails is now available for SMS

SMS replies now go directly to your PropertyMe Inbox — just like your emails. Easily access all your communications from one location. No more switching between your mobile phone and desktop.

Link an SMS to a Property and the relevant Task, Job or Inspection

Access your messages right where you need them. Have a leaky tap that needs fixing? Easily link all the supplier quotes and tenant requests related to that specific Job. Stay on top of all communications related to your projects.

Frequently asked questions

How do I activate Inbound SMS?

Inbound SMS is a PropertyMe Standard Plan feature. If you are already a PropertyMe user, feel free to learn more about PropertyMe’s Standard Plan here. Alternatively, you can activate your Standard Plan account here today.

Not yet a PropertyMe user? Book in a free demo with our friendly staff here today: Book a demo.

Do I need to pay for phone line rental?

If you are on the Standard Plan it is free! We cover the cost of the line rental for you.

Can we send or receive multimedia messages, such as photos or videos?

At the moment, our SMS provider does not allow for photos or other media to be sent or received. However, this may be introduced in future releases depending on our provider.