The three-minute investment


The three-minute investment

At PropertyMe, we love nothing more than adding features and product enhancements that will make your life easier and help you continually improve your customer service offering. No doubt you’ve noticed that PropertyMe has been consistently delivering features and product enhancements every couple of weeks.

If not, that’s okay! I know first hand just how busy the business of property management can be and how every minute of your day needs to be a minute well spent. But if I told you that just three minutes of your time today could save you more than 90 minutes every month, you would consider that a great investment of your time, right?

Driving innovation and pushing boundaries

Our job is to make you look great! To achieve this, we continually optimise, research and reinvent every tool and service available to us. If we want to remain the market leader, we can never stop building and improving our product, cost efficiencies and service levels.

Your business is no different – technology is a moving target and to stay at the forefront of your market, it is essential that you stay up to date with all of our latest feature releases and product enhancements. Even better, keep driving improvement by voting for the feature requests that are going to add the most value to your business via the Community section of the Knowledge Base.

We value our partnership with our customers and challenge you to keep up the pace and keep pushing boundaries. Together we can push forward into a very exciting future!

The three-minute investment

Lisa Pentland Three Minute Investment

Three minutes – that’s the time required to boot up your laptop, draft up an email or call a lead. If you invest just three minutes today reading the most recent PropertyMe release notes, you could be saving more than 90 minutes every month. That’s over 90 minutes that you could be spending nurturing relationships! How’s that for regaining lost productivity?

One example of a great time saving investment is our recently added maintenance message templates. Beautifully written by our professional marketing team, you can utilise PropertyMe’s message automation and suite of templates to simplify your workflow, maintain brand consistency and keep everyone up to speed in real time.

In particular, after one of our users, Lauren, set up her maintenance message templates, she really embraced the Jobs workflow. She reported that the message templates have saved her a lot of time in her everyday maintenance management and has noticed an entirely new dynamic in her client relationships due to the improved transparency.

So to fully take advantage of PropertyMe, it’s critical that you prioritise this three-minute investment. You can do this by reading your release notes every time you see the banner. You can even leave it at the top of your PropertyMe page or even bookmark it to share with your team to amplify the gains at your next team or leadership meeting.

Take the opportunity to brainstorm how you can implement the next round of feature releases and enhancements into your processes and workflows to further save you time and build on your professional reputation.

Here is a quick checklist to see how up-to-date you are:

  • Is your receptionist and team using @mentions to manage your inbound enquiries and eliminate internal email noise? Not only can @mentions help you streamline your internal communications workflow, but it can also help you improve transparency.
  • Have you checked out our new Property Data Export Report? The report provides customised reporting for admin users, giving you the flexibility to do more with your data.
  • Have you seen the new look and feel of the PropertyMe Agent app for Android users? Our developers are working hard on it and we’ve recently added the Jobs workflow.
  • Have you updated your PropertyMe Agent app for iPhone and iPad? We’ve recently added messages as well as a Duress Alert and Find My Team feature.
  • Are you using the recommended settings for your PropertyMe Agent app?
  • Have you utilised the brand new sales merge fields and sales templates?
  • Have you customised your recurring owner fees or applied a manual fee?

Last month’s feedback

Whether it’s service or development, our team love receiving your comments, feedback and feature requests. We are completely focused on delivering regular enhancements and sharing the love will get you everywhere!

Here are some of our favourite comments from recent releases:

“Best system”

Lisa Pentland Three Minute Investment Peter

“Thumbs up!!”

Lisa Pentland Three Minute Investment Lynne

“Keep up the good work”

Lisa Pentland Three Minute Investment Janine

“Well done”

Lisa Pentland Three Minute Investment Alana

Whilst we love all the love, we also appreciate any feedback on how we can serve you better, so don’t hold back and let us know what you really think. We promise to never stop listening and always keep striving to exceed your expectations!