PropertyMe Integrator Spotlight: ADLForms


PropertyMe Integrator Spotlight: ADLForms

It is not simply about what ADL can tell you about themselves, but what their clients are saying:

“Ensures peace of mind with legislative issues.”

“Forms can be produced very quickly and with no fuss!”

“Full marks for the simplicity of the product.”

Backed by 25 Years Experience in Real Estate Forms

Complying with legislation in the real estate industry can be tough. ADLForms streamlines the process with their electronic Legal Contracts and Forms service. ADLForms serves the real estate industry in NSW, QLD, VIC and WA. The many features within ADLForms save businesses hours of time while minimising human error. These features include Automatic Field Formatting, Templates, Lists and Date Calculation.

How does ADL work with PropertyMe?

As stage #1 of the new ADLCloud platform, ADL has developed a simple data extraction utility that allows agents to browse and search the properties they hold within their PropertyMe portfolios. After selecting the property or properties to extract data from, a simple click of a button downloads a merge file to their desktop. Clicking on the file within the downloads bar of their browser opens the ADLForms Merge Options screen ready for merging relevant data to the appropriate fields of the desired form. From the Merge Options screen onwards it is the same good old merge they are used to.

Why ADLForms was created

The founder of ADL Software, Alan D Liddle, developed an electronic forms completion software solution under contract to the Residential Tenancies Authority of Qld in 1996, so the authority could easily distribute their forms to agents throughout Qld. Alan continued to maintain and support the product until January 2001. In the year 2000, a decision was made by the authority to discontinue the software, at which point Alan decided to buy it from them.

Alan rebranded the product as “ADLForms” and launched the new product on the 1st January 2001. After launch, he immediately commenced adding additional agreements and forms for Queensland real estate businesses. This new venture saw great success in Queensland which led the company to successfully expand into NSW, Victoria and Western Australia as well.

New and exciting products on the horizon

Apart from their ongoing commitment to take ADLForms to the cloud, the team is also working with PleaseSign to bring electronic signing integration to ADLForms Desktop. This exciting new feature will be launched in the very near future. 

The ADL/PleaseSign integration will provide best practice, legal processes to protect your interests and those of your clients in all real estate transactions.