Integrator Spotlight: Tapi Property Care Platform


Integrator Spotlight: Tapi Property Care Platform

One of the most comprehensive repairs and maintenance platforms on the market, Tapi’s AI chat collects everything needed to accurately capture and report a repair. Working seamlessly from a QR code landing page, which they provide in convenient fridge and dishwasher magnets, tenants can scan and lodge a repair in minutes from their phone without needing another app to download.

From the initial repair lodgement with artificial intelligence-guided chat, through the whole workflow, Tapi’s technology is designed to be invisible, operating out of everyday applications such as QR codes, web browsers, and emails — all while syncing within the PropertyMe platform.

The Tapi Story

When asked to share the meaning behind the name Tapi, a wry smile crept across co-founder Taylor Coleman’s face. “An American, German, and Israeli walked into a bar, and Tapi walked out,” he replies. “Well, he’s half Israeli, half Kiwi to be fair… then excitedly, Tapi means ‘repair’ in Maori”. 

Tal Meser, a third of the team behind the start-up that has taken over New Zealand, elaborates. “I was renting an apartment when I was in uni, and one day the roof caved in. It was a nightmare, and six months later, I was still living in rubble. It was a classic case of ‘there has to be a better way’”.

In 2017, far from a garage in Silicon Valley, but established in very much the same spirit from Wellington in Tal’s rubble-filled dining room, Taylor Coleman, Tal Meser, and Florian Sänger came together to form the multi-national trio behind Tapi.

With a commitment to transform the repairs and maintenance lifecycle for Property Managers and tenants, Tapi has provided not just repairs and maintenance software but what they describe as a Property Care Platform. with the underlying mission to make property maintenance predictable, reliable, and frictionless.

Just six years later Tapi has done just that, managing over 160,000 properties for over 300 agencies across Australia and New Zealand and now providing a new service Property Tab for owners. A PropertyMe Integrator, Tapi is available as an extension to PropertyMe’s jobs system, adding artificial intelligence to assist Property Managers and provide instant service to tenants 24/7.

What we’re most excited about is the use of AI

Tapi has brought sophisticated artificial intelligence to the repairs management process with their Tenant Concierge, available 24/7 for Tenants to report maintenance issues. 

Tapi’s AI workflow is designed to ensure that all of the information needed to lodge a repair or maintenance request and allocate the correct tradesperson is provided in one go. The workflow has been designed to mimic the process of an experienced Property Manager and provides Tenants with simple prompts and guides to help them communicate the right details.

According to Tapi’s data, 50% of repairs and maintenance are logged after hours through the 24/7 Tenant Concierge product. Meaning 50% of a Property Manager’s workload of incoming repairs can be triaged and ready to action.

The features for trades teams we love

We know that Property Managers’ trade lists are sacred, so a large part of Tapi’s workflow has been built around supporting this relationship and improving the quote-to-completion timeframe, meaning faster approvals and payments for trades, and faster repair completions for tenants. 

Trades teams are not required to sign up or download anything to use the platform, as it operates entirely out of their email browser — no signing up to apps, portals, or booking platforms is needed. Suppliers and trades can access the info on the go, via email or sms, and your favourite trades details never get shared with other agencies.

The features for owners we love

Similarly, when quotes or invoices are sent to Landlords, they can access everything from their preferred email provider. All of the job’s details — photos, quotes, notes, and Property Manager comments are sent collated in a single file, with no inbox searches or missing communications. When a Landlord clicks ‘Accept’ from their email, any other pending quotes and suppliers are notified — with complete oversight provided to the Property Managers, but no need for any extra actions, it’s all done automatically.

In addition to this Tapi has recently announced a new service called Property Tab, a maintenance funding solution, allowing trades to receive the funds in full and the landlord to make payments over instalments.

The features for Australian Property Managers we love

Tapi is well suited to agencies that want to add concierge services, triaging, and preventative maintenance to streamline their processes. The integration with PropertyMe and Tapi’s platforms is very much in sync, with jobs created within each system automatically syncing back to the other. Side-by-side tabs make workflow a breeze, with a secure information flow in the background.

Reporting is extensive, and the dashboard is user friendly and it’s no surprise that data insights drive their business. Job reports provide complete visibility of overdue jobs and any delays with the ability to drill down on data like individual turnaround times for Property Managers, trades, and owner approvals. 

Tapi Asset Manager allows Property Managers to take the guesswork out of recommendations around repair vs replacement with owners, providing reliable data to see the average repair of replacement costs of assets in the home like ovens or air conditioning units, as well as providing the make, model and full manuals for quick reference. 

They have seen a reduction in call-out fees, a reduction in time to complete repairs, and improved customer satisfaction from both tenants and owners.

Customer experience is important — does the AI in Tapi’s Tenant Concierge measure up?

With an average NPS of 51, Tapi is definitely doing something right when it comes to customer satisfaction. 

Having a concierge service that can register maintenance information, ready for a Property Manager to access the next day, without playing phone tag, waiting on missing information, or needing an after-hours disturbing the team. Tapi’s Tenant Concierge determines which repairs are urgent, and alerts Property Manager out of hours based on your agency’s preference.

For example, a simple repair request for a leaking tap prompts the following questions,

Where is the tap leaking from the spout, the tap head, or the base?

How much water is leaking: drip, constant, or pouring?

Are you able to contain the water without turning off the mains? Yes/ No.

Please do what is possible to minimise water damage in the meantime 

Provide a photo/video if possible.

See Tapi’s Property Care Platform in action

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