A peek into March at PropertyMe


A peek into March at PropertyMe

As we’ve entered March it seems like autumn is hanging just over our heads and even though it doesn’t feel like it right now, the cooler weather is (hopefully) headed our way. Here at PropertyMe, we’ve had a busy month and the days have flown by filled with some exciting growth in our teams, jetting around the country to different conferences and to finish it off we’ve just had our second double feature release in two months! So let’s take a deep dive into some of the fun-filled moments we’ve had in March. 

Saint Patrick’s Day

This month, we gathered to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. Our day kicked off with everyone adorned in green, immersing themselves in the Saint Patty’s Day spirit. The office was sprinkled with some surprises as little leprechauns left behind pots filled with delightful chocolates for us to discover! Congratulations to our team members who managed to uncover these delicious treats. The festivities continued into the afternoon  filled with team bonding activities, tasty treats, lively music, highlighted by friendly games of Uno and spirited rounds of Pingpong.

New starters and new roles

We always love highlighting our ever-growing team and this month we’ve welcomed some brand-new additions from all across Australia (and even overseas). Having team members who understand what our customers require and having local connections is very important to us. 

Antonette Ram joined us from across the waters as our New Zealand Business Growth Manager. When asked about joining the  team Antonette shared with us “It’s such a breath of fresh air to be part of a team where everyone genuinely enjoys coming to work and has each other’s backs. I’m thrilled to be part of such an amazing group, and I’m eagerly anticipating the exciting and innovative projects we’ll tackle together in the future. Here’s to many more weeks, months and years filled with enjoyment, collaboration, and success at PropertyMe!” 

Our next addition is Leanne Sorby who is stepping into a newly created role as our taking over as our Queensland Territory Manager, we are so thrilled to have Leanne on board as she brings a mighty 20 years of experience with her. We checked in with Leanne about joining the team and this is what she had to say, “I am incredibly excited to be connected with Queensland agencies and showcase the value and innovation that PropertyMe brings to the table. I’m confident that we will achieve significant milestones and further establish PropertyMe as the preferred choice for property management software in the Queensland region. Having already spent 20+ years in various real estate industry / proptech roles, I can’t wait to embark on this journey and make a meaningful impact across the state.”

We would also love to congratulate our very own Richard Banks who has been appointed to the role of Chief Technology Officer. Richard has not only worked on growing the Engineering team, but also overseen the move to daily releases and championed a culture of ownership and collaboration within Engineering. Richard has fostered a high-quality environment that means quicker updates, fixes and features for PropertyMe, these changes help us create a better user experience for our customers. We are so proud of all Richard has achieved and look forward to all the good things to come. 

The Loop – Latest Feature Releases 

If March wasn’t already busy with activity, we decided to ramp it up with another double-feature release. Our dedicated team has been tirelessly working around the clock to enhance the PropertyMe app and improve your customer’s user experience. In our latest episode of The Loop, hosts Peter Vellonio and Christina Strelka, alongside special guests, showcased all our hard work. They delved into our latest feature releases and offered sneak peeks into upcoming projects.

This month’s focus was on enhancing the mobile user experience for both tenants and owners. We’ve merged our two beloved apps into one powerhouse app. With the new look and feel of our PropertyMe app tenants and owners are now able to have a complete overview of all their property information with the ability to easily connect with their Property Managers. 

Additionally, we’re delighted to introduce some highly requested reports, including the Rental Statistics Report. This report consolidates key metrics such as management details, gains and losses, fees, tenancies, arrears, and vacancies, created specifically for Property Managers, by Property Managers.

We enjoyed showing off all these features and more when it came to our March releases and wanted to extend a big thank you to all the viewers who watched. If you haven’t had the chance to catch up with the latest episode, you can view it here. 


Not only has our Sydney office been buzzing with activity, but this month has been spent jetting off all around the country and hitting up some industry events. To start we would be remiss to not mention our very own Chief Customer Officer Sarah Dawson speaking at the Property Management Partners International Women’s Day Brunch. Sarah was joined by some great industry professionals to share her wisdom and insights on having quality growth in growing your team. 

In mid-March, we were excited to participate in the PM Collective event, “Cultivating a Community for Property Managers.” It was a fantastic opportunity to connect with the PM Collective team, and our Territory Manager for WA, Rae O’Neill, couldn’t speak highly enough of the event’s quality content and engaging atmosphere. 

Wrapping up the month, we flew to Melbourne for the REIV Getting Real 2024 conference, which provided invaluable insights into the current issues and solutions shaping our industry. It was a pleasure to reconnect with familiar faces and forge new connections. We’re eagerly looking forward to the upcoming events and the chance to meet even more industry peers.

So that’s all of March, with the long weekend to close us off we are using it to have a well-deserved break before we jump straight back into creating quality content for you. We thank you for taking the time to read about everything we have gotten up to and can’t wait to show off what we get up to next. If you haven’t already, make sure you subscribe to The Loop to get all the latest news when it comes to our feature releases, and our Monthly Insider to stay up to date with all that PropertyMe has to offer.