Here are the top 7 ways to get involved in charity as a Property Manager

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Here are the top 7 ways to get involved in charity as a Property Manager

In today’s fast-paced work landscape, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among employees goes beyond just the confines of office tasks. As property management agencies strive to create inclusive and fulfilling work environments, the power of giving back through charity and volunteer work emerges as a potent force for both social impact and team cohesion. Did you know that a staggering 80% of employees believe engaging in group volunteering strengthens their relationships with colleagues? 

In this blog, we delve into why property management agencies should embrace the ethos of corporate social responsibility by getting their teams actively involved in charitable endeavours and volunteer activities. From enhancing employee engagement to making a meaningful difference in the community, the benefits are boundless. So, let’s explore how cultivating a culture of giving can not only uplift spirits but also elevate the collective impact of property management agencies far beyond the boardroom.

1. Find a cause that aligns with your team & organisation

As humans there needs to be a purpose behind everything we do, to ensure that we’re motivated to do it. This is no different for charity work. As your team is likely to volunteer their time, skills and money it’s important to ensure that they are volunteering for a cause that’s close to their hearts. Working in the property management industry this could include causes such as homelessness, domestic violence rehoming and natural disaster clean-ups. Some of our favourite charities include RizeUp Australia, The Salvation Army and StreetSmart Australia

So, how do you find a charity that aligns with your team? Firstly, we suggest figuring out everybody’s aims. This means asking your team what they hope to achieve from volunteer work. Asking them questions related to why they’re volunteering, and what it means to them can help figure this out. From there, you can work together to find a cause and subsequent charity that aligns with your team’s motivations.

2. Empower your team to use their skills to make a difference

As Property Managers we’re sure you’re aware of where your professional skill set lies, and while that may come in handy when volunteering, we recommend that you think outside of the box when it comes to empowering your team to use their skills to make a difference. For example, do you have a few running superstars on your team? Enrol the office in a Relay for Life. Do you have a few crafty colleagues? Run a community market with all proceeds raised going to your chosen charity. Lastly, do you have any home cooks? Encourage them to volunteer at a soup kitchen for a few hours. When you pair your interests or niche set of skills with volunteering, not only will it create favourable outcomes for your chosen charity but it will also make the process more fulfilling for you and your team.

3. Reach out to your network

While we can complain about the small property management industry, it’s a positive thing in this circumstance. If you’ve clicked on this article it means you’re thinking about engaging in charity work. The odds are someone in your network has done the same. So why not reach out to your network via LinkedIn or a property management group to join forces with other businesses to double or even triple the charitable effect you can make? You may find that one of your connections may be a seasoned pro at volunteering and can take a lot of the guesswork out of the process for you and your team.

4. Volunteer your time, not just your money

In an article published by The Guardian, it was found that volunteering your time is often more beneficial than volunteering your money. This is due to the fact that money is often needed to take on volunteers who can make a tangible difference, however, if you volunteer your time it negates that issue. We know as Property Managers you’re extremely busy and time is often of the essence. However, you don’t need to donate large amounts of time to make a difference. After all small amounts of consistent and repeated volunteer work make the most difference, as opposed to one full day of giving.

5. Start small and grow

With anything we’re passionate about, we want to do a good job and as a result, can become overwhelmed by what we want to achieve in the long term. It’s only natural that when you hear the word ‘volunteering’ your mind may conjure up ideas of hosting benefit dinners and volunteering your time overseas, it’s important to focus on how you can get started today. After all, inaction usually arises because of passive procrastination which stems from feelings of overwhelm. 

So how can you get started today? Start small, by looking into local volunteering opportunities you and your team can do in a matter of hours. Good examples of this include volunteering some time in a soup kitchen, donating cans, personal hygiene products and clothes to a local shelter or getting involved in a charity fun run. Eat Up Australia is one of our personal favourite initiatives, whereby you can donate an hour or so in the office to make sandwiches for hungry kids in schools all around Australia.

6. Get your local community involved

Getting the local community involved is a fantastic way to grow your business connections whilst also engaging more hands in your charitable events. The easiest way to get your community involved is to prompt them to donate items to a cause close to your heart, dropping the items off at your office. You could also host a community market day to encourage people to sell and buy local goods, with all of the money donated going to a local charity. Plus, you also get to sample the local goodies, which makes for a fun day out! Make sure you’re making your charity event visible through word of mouth, social media and signage in your local area. For more ideas on how to get involved with your local community take a look at our blog here.

7. Celebrate your success as a team 

Like anything in life we often forget to stop and smell the roses, or in this case, celebrate our successes. Volunteer work, particularly coordinating your own event is no easy feat and deserves to be celebrated. Whether it’s rounding up the troops in the office, giving your time and skills, or planning a fully-fledged charity event, give yourself a pat on the back. So make sure to set some time aside with the team to celebrate your achievements and plan for the next volunteer event. 

So there you have it, our top seven ways to get involved in volunteering as a Property Manager!

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