Remote access to live data for property managers

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Remote access to live data for property managers

One of the many advantages of cloud-based systems is remote access to live data—something that has enabled many businesses to continue operating during times of planned and unplanned change. It also provides a quick, on demand understanding of your business performance from any location in the world.

There are many benefits to having remote access to live data. Here we explain how remote access to live data can help your property management business.

Instant access to live data

One of the main benefits of remote data access is the instant availability of information and property management tools from any location. Considering over 3.5 billion smartphones are being used globally in 2020, remote access to live data is a great way to ensure your team has the information they need to keep up to date with clients and co-workers.

In effect, this solves the inefficiencies of having to drive back to the office to double check information or find a particular document or contact. Naturally, this allows your team to easily and efficiently complete daily tasks like rent arrears notices and attending to urgent repairs even when out of the office. 

Keep everyone in the loop

Another way that remote access to live data can help your business is by keeping everyone in the loop. For example, team members can be on-site conducting inspections using the software’s mobile app and another team member could be in the office preparing the inspection report for the same property. Ultimately, this increases efficiency and fosters a sense of collaboration among staff. 

You can also keep team members in the loop by using PropertyMe’s @mentions feature to message team members from the Activity Feed of a property, job, contact or more. Not only does this keep all internal communications in one place, but it also allows for increased collaboration and transparency.

Additionally, with remote access to live data, updates can be shared instantly with key stakeholders such as landlords, tenants and suppliers. This allows them to quickly weigh in on any decisions related to their property.

For example, PropertyMe allows you to share an inspection report with a landlord in real-time via Owner Access and tenants are able to keep property managers in the loop by reporting maintenance in real-time via Tenant Access.

A more productive workforce

Having the ability to access live data remotely, opens up the possibility of remote work. According to this RescueTime study, remote workers had a 4% increase in average daily time spent on their core work and an 18% decrease in time spent on communication.

Moreover, in this Forbes article, Tipalti CEO and Co-founder Chen Amit attributed his business’ continuity to cloud-based technologies and remarked that “productivity has actually increased so far across a wide variety of departments.” 

“We’re still producing leads, closing business and meeting our SLAs at the same expected rates. And this is with all the distractions of working from home: children out of school, chores and to-do lists, and the downbeat maneuvering of daily life in this era of social distancing.”

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