Refreshing, redecorating and revitalising your office space.

Property Management

Refreshing, redecorating and revitalising your office space.

It’s estimated that we spend at least a third of our lives at work, or at least 90,000 hours, and although hybrid working has changed how we view traditional workspaces, having functional and well designed spaces is more important than ever.  We have collected some of our favourite tips to include if you are doing an office refresh to add in personal flair to inspire and motivate. 

Exploring new designs and preferences 

When looking at updating your space, it can be overwhelming with the amount of options and opinions out there. We would recommend starting by putting together a collection of ideas and inspiration, this allows you to have a roadmap for your project with the ability to reference your ideas to get a clear vision. Another thing to keep in mind is that every person has their own unique needs and desires when it comes to design. Ask yourself what you are aiming to achieve with the change up, whether this be creating a new space to foster collaboration, or wanting to bring a new boost to help motivation. All of these questions are ones you should be asking before changing your current workplace design. Important ideas to look at during this period can include how the new space impacts those who will use it, factoring in the team’s needs. A great way to ensure you are helping rather than hindering is by reaching out to the team and talking through the redesign process. Including your team can bring in a new perspective and create a more collaborative space in the long run.

Comfort in the workplace

As Property Managers we know that you spend so much time running around on your feet, moving in a million different directions, so when you’re back in the office it’s important to feel comfortable and supported. It may seem small but improving ergonomic comfort in the office can increase job satisfaction and performance, and support an overall happier and healthier team. Implementing ergonomics can seem massively overwhelming to start, but it doesn’t have to be as stressful as it sounds. Start with assessing your current work model. Make notes of any areas that seem like they could be causing discomfort, once you’ve identified these areas then take time to research ergonomic options, whether this be footrests, laptop stands or adjustable seating. It’s also important to make sure your team understands the importance of taking care of comfort when working. 

Aesthetic vs. functionality… or maybe both? 

Functionality plays a huge part in making office spaces comfortable, but it doesn’t mean it has to be boring. There is a proven track record that aesthetically pleasing environments have a positive impact on employees’ productivity and performance. Our first tip is updating your office space and adding in some greenery. Plants in the workspace can help improve air quality and reduce noise levels, as well as boost creativity. Adding in plants is an easy win when you want to bring something new and fresh to your space and add value to create a cohesive and cool office. Reducing your office clutter for a clean and clear environment, not only does it make your space look better but also improves the air quality around you. We recommend carving out time to go through and remove unnecessary clutter from your workspace. If you are unsure about what to do with any excess stuff, we highly recommend looking at donating any unused goods. Our final tip on functionality is to ensure correct and adequate lighting. Good lighting can decrease headaches, eye strain and blurred vision as well as improve moods and support vitamin D. When natural lighting isn’t available we highly recommend using different styles of lighting to ensure that there are adequate levels to support your employees. Different varieties of lighting can also accentuate different areas of your workspace and bring dimension to your office design in a unique way.

Colour, colour & more colour 

Our final tip is adding in colour! Not only is this a great way to incorporate your own spin into a new or existing space, but colour allows you to bring in consistent branding with a new flare of personality and has been known to be a great mood booster! Different colours can influence feelings. For example, bright colours such as reds, oranges and yellows can stimulate energy and happiness, blues can stimulate calmness and purple can encourage relaxation. Adding in little splashes of colour is a fun way to brighten up an existing space or make a new place your own. 

 So whether you are moving to a new space, or just looking to change up your current workspace take into consideration our favourite ways to level up your set-up. Find a perfect blend of aesthetics vs functionality or maybe a little both, and throw in a little comfort in there. Did you find this article helpful? We would love to see any decoration and design changes you implement by reaching out and tagging us online or sending an email to [email protected].