Referral Terms

By participating in PropertyMe’s Referral Program (“program”), you are stating that you (“referrer”) agree to be bound by the below terms and conditions in their entirety. The program rewards you for what you already do — recommending us to personal connections in the real estate industry who sign on to become PropertyMe subscribers (“referee”).

1. Eligibility

  1. To be eligible for the program, referrers can submit referrals via the form on
  2. Referrers can make as many referrals as they choose. However, referrals should only be shared with personal connections that will appreciate receiving these invitations. Referrals should not be submitted where there is no reasonable basis for believing that the referee would benefit from being introduced to PropertyMe.
  3. Referrals are not valid where the referrer and the referee are one and the same person. Similarly, referrals are not valid where the referee is employed at the same agency or business as the referrer.
  4. Rewards are limited to one reward per agency; if more than one person is referred within the same agency, the referrer will receive the reward for the first referee.
  5. Only qualified referrals are eligible.
  6. The PropertyMe referral program was launched 27th August 2020. All qualified referrals are gained from this date onwards. Any referrals prior to this date will not be considered.

2. Qualified referrals

  1. The referral is qualified when the referee is a property manager, principal, trust accountant or real estate agent who has never received a PropertyMe demo or been part of the PropertyMe community in any way, shape or form.
  2. If your referral is not qualified, you will be notified via email within 14 days of the referral date.

3. How the Program works

  1. To be eligible for the reward, the referee must be a qualified referral who becomes an active PropertyMe subscriber within 6 months of the referral date.
  2. The reward will be forwarded to you, the referrer, within 30 days of the referee being an active PropertyMe subscriber for 2 months.
  3. An active PropertyMe subscriber is defined as a user who has activated their PropertyMe subscription and has paid their setup fee.
  4. There will be no rewards for PropertyMe subscriptions activated outside 6 months of the referral date.
  5. The reward is a $200 AUD gift card. At the time of referral submission, the referrer can choose from Tiffany & Co., Endota, JB Hi-Fi or Westfield gift cards. If the reward is unavailable, PropertyMe reserves the right to substitute the reward for a reward of equal or greater value.
  6. Prizes are not redeemable for cash or credit.

4. Privacy

  1. Respecting your privacy is a priority for us. Please see PropertyMe’s privacy policy for further details.

5. Updates to the Terms

  1. The terms and conditions of this program are subject to change at any time without notice. This program may also be changed, suspended or terminated at PropertyMe’s discretion without notice. For further information please email [email protected].