The ultimate AI experience in Real Estate, fully integrated with PropertyMe.

reHeroes is an AI-driven platform serving over 200,000 users across Australia and New Zealand. As the premier AI chatbot solution for real estate, we deliver unparalleled chat experiences that transform tenant communications and website lead management.

Central to our revolutionary service is Alex. Alex operates as a round-the-clock virtual assistant, expertly fielding inquiries from tenants and prospects.

What makes Alex stand out?

  1. Instant Assistance for Tenants: Be it a malfunctioning aircon or questions about tenancy terms, Alex is equipped to offer timely solutions, reducing email and phone traffic for property managers.
  2. Maintenance Mastery: With an intuitive understanding of property issues, Alex is adept at guiding tenants with self-help options and assessing the urgency of maintenance requests. Urgent after-hours requests trigger a direct, seamless intervention by your chosen trades.
  3. Holistic Integration: Forget multiple tools or platforms. Alex harmoniously integrates with PropertyMe and seamlessly syncs with your CRM, listings and maintenance.
  4. Universal Accessibility: In an era overwhelmed with apps, Alex resides in the ubiquitous Messenger. With an impressive 85% tenant access rate, it ensures users don’t juggle multiple apps or forget logins. We even provide handy fridge magnets to ensure your tenants always have access at their fingertips.

Value Beyond Tenants Our evolution isn’t just about tenant solutions. Agents and property managers experience operational ease, and landlords cherish the cutting-edge tech that ensures their property’s pristine condition.

Choose reHeroes to redefine your real estate experience. Elevate customer service, streamline operations, and witness a surge in lead generation. 

Dive into the future of real estate engagement and let your tenants, landlords, and team experience the best. The future awaits, are you ready?