Taking care of the business that is property


Taking care of the business that is property

We love the property industry. We love software simplicity.

Based on these loves, the idea behind creating PropertyMe was to peer through our magnifying glass at the real estate industry and see where the difficulties were around property management, in particular, the everyday accounting, maintenance and contact management struggles. 

So we picked up the phone, hopped in the car and spoke to countless property managers, asking them what worked, what didn’t, and most importantly, what they wanted out of real estate software. We listened and excitedly ran to our desktops to create what they wanted.

Enter stage left, PropertyMe.

Conscious of wanting the software to be easier to use than a pencil, the team took careful consideration when deciding on menu placement, colouring and icon creation. Not to say it was an easy process, the product that stands today is very different to the one we started with. The best part about the process is that it is constantly evolving. We don’t just sit back and watch it work, we are always developing PropertyMe and thinking of enhancements that will benefit our users.

Looking back at the past months of development, we can’t help but feel fancy fresh with the addition of our logo and colours to the app. After some creative jousting with our designers, we are excited to share our new look and feel to our clients already using PropertyMe, as well as everyone interested in experiencing our new product.

It’s great to hear feedback from our users who say things about our processes such as ‘Why wasn’t I doing it that way before?’. It means we are doing our job, simplifying property management and we can’t wait to roll out more features to ensure the happiness of everyone using PropertyMe.