Responding to customer needs, at light-speed


Responding to customer needs, at light-speed

Henry Ford famously offered his customers any choice of colour for their new Ford vehicle, “as long as it is black”.

But he had a point: setting up a factory to paint multiple colours was expensive! Ford’s original factory made only one car – the Model T; and every Model T was the same as the last one.

Any change to the design of the car, say a larger windscreen, required a change to the factory. And those changes were expensive.

If Ford allowed a customer to test a car and then modified the design based on the customer’s feedback, it would delay the production process by years. So the task for a company like Ford became one of predicting a customer’s needs and hoping they got the design right. Recalling a million vehicles because the driver cannot reach the accelerator pedal is an expensive operation.

Stories like these are why we get so much satisfaction working on PropertyMe, and releasing a new improved version every few weeks. As a property owner, you’ll know that regular communication with your clients and listening to their needs (and their complaints, if and when they arise occasionally) is paramount to a positive working relationship.

Listening to customer feedback and improving our product is something we do every single day. And because our property management app is entirely cloud-based, rolling out updates is much easier than traditional software.

Take for example our Disbursements management feature. In the last year, this feature has undergone extensive changes, as we continually gather customer feedback.

And as we listen to that feedback, we make changes and improvements.

We are not precious about our product, or our ideas. We are precious about delivering a secure, quality experience. And a cloud-based platform lets us do this in a way that is unprecedented in history. It is so exciting to be part of something that will change the way property managers work for the better. We love innovation, especially if it means our users will benefit from it.

Gone are the days of installing desktop software that can only be accessed in the office. Forget about having to pay per user, and kicking your whole office out of the program when End of Month creeps up. Actually, forget about End of Month entirely!

Every PropertyMe user gets the shiniest, newest version of the app every time they log in. No upgrades, no re-installation, no driving back to the car yard for an expensive trade-in.

This is what we do every day.

Welcome to property management software of the 21st century.

Jeremiah Blanch
PropertyMe Developer