PropertyMe says ‘adios!’ to lock in contracts and fees


PropertyMe says ‘adios!’ to lock in contracts and fees

Unnecessary lock-in contracts, filled with support costs, broken contract charges, extra user fees, training fees, setup fees, pick up the phone for help fees. Whether it’s finding a new phone plan or internet deal, to opening a bank account, we as consumers are regularly faced with the multiple page terms and conditions ‘sign your life away’ contracts.

We hate them, and we have a sneaking suspicion you don’t like them either. So everyone at PropertyMe has decided that enough is enough, and we have kicked them onto the street, locked the doors and slapped on the ‘no junk mail’ sticker.

We believe that as a result of the way technology is evolving, our preconceived notions of how we work, interact, shop and access information have dramatically changed. And in order to survive in this dog eat dog world, we need to move with it. It’s not rocket science, with many other companies jumping on board to bin the unnecessary lock-in contract. Internet providers such as iinet are changing the way we consume products and services, and Telstra’s Belong network is similar, offering a month by month plan, with no lock-in option.

In the software realm, Xero (a software solution for accountants and businesses) has adopted the no lock-in contract philosophy with simple to use online software. They don’t charge for training or support, with no hidden costs to the user (and we should know, we use Xero!).

So why should it be any different for property management software? It doesn’t need to be.

We don’t want you to sign up to a 12-month contract where it costs $1000 to break it for whatever reason. We want to make things simple from the word go. And so we are breaking the industry norm by NOT charging for support, setup or training. We are the rebels WITH a cause. To simplify the way property managers do business, take one less contract and fees out of their daily life and give the freedom of using PropertyMe month by month. We’re so excited to see where the property industry will go in the future, and to be part of the solution to daily property management tasks is something we strive to do (that and take over the world…).