PropertyMe introduces the dashboard of your dreams


PropertyMe introduces the dashboard of your dreams

*Insert wolf whistle here*

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re pretty proud of our newest feature – The dashboard. Think of it as the dashboard of a car. It acts as a real-time visual reminder of what is happening with your portfolio.

Below is an outline of what the dashboard has to offer:

Rent Arrears 
  • This includes how many tenants are in arrears, the total amount owing and the average days overdue.
  • The status of your reconciliation; in balance or out of balance, and if there are any past months that need approving.
Maintenance Jobs 
  • Shows how many jobs have been reported, approved and assigned.
Supplier Bills 
  • Shows how many bills are overdue, by how many days and the total amount.
Property Vacancies
  • Shows how many properties are currently vacant.
Invoice Arrears
  • Shows how many tenants, the average days of the invoice arrears and total dollar amount.
Agent Fees
  • Shows the total dollar amount for the month.

When thinking about the PropertyMe dashboard, we were wanting something that could act as a quick look reminder every time you log in. We understand that a property manager’s day is never predictable and always busy, so we developed the dashboard in hope that it will simplify how you work, as well as give a great overview of your portfolio activity without having to search for it.