Hello sales trust!


Hello sales trust!

We are always on the prowl for new features, as well as taking on board what our clients’ concerns are. What we have noticed recently is the need for a solid entry level sales trust software that is easily accessible, cost-effective without being complicated to use. We have had enquiries from boutique agencies, current clients and bigger agencies wanting a system that integrates sales and property management accounting. So we’ve gone and had a tinker behind the scenes, and have now opened a new playing field, sales trust accounting!

Forget about having two trust accounts (which means two sets of books, two End of Months etc.), as you can now manage it all from one trust account! So what exactly does this mean? You can now:

  • Create a Sales Agreement and upload photos against a property
  • Process a Sales Receipt, taking money from the seller, buyer or anyone else
  • Move the Sale between the stages of ‘Listed’ and ‘Contracted’
  • Track all expenses against your sale
  • Create a Sales Statement for your seller
  • Report on all the transactions in the usual way through your financial reporting

Better yet, you only pay for your active sales and as PropertyMe is completely online, you can access it anywhere. So if your accounts manager works in a different office, you can still sign in and view all the property details and transactions without being left in the dark.

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