End of month shouldn’t be excruciating


End of month shouldn’t be excruciating

 “. . . As a small agency with huge goals ahead of us, I couldn’t continue to go on with a system that was so cumbersome.” These are the words that prompted Jeremy Deviesseux, Principal at Ray White Wentworth Point, to make a change.

After using the same software for 18 years, Deviesseux knew it was time to look for a better option. For his property management team, day-to-day tasks were incredibly frustrating on their older software, while their end of month processing was ‘excruciatingly long’. To take a step forward and allow the business to continue its growth, Deviesseux decided to upgrade to PropertyMe.

As a property manager, arrears management is integral to the success of your business. By using a clean and functional, real-time dashboard, Deviesseux highlights the ability to easily manage vacancy rates and the reduction of arrears rates to less than 1% as an important achievement for his agency. With owners and tenants “absolutely loving the amount of activity we are providing them,” it’s little wonder he has no regrets in his decision.

“We’re always looking to advance ourselves, and I only see PropertyMe getting better over a period of time.”  

In a business where enough headaches can arise in a day’s work, it only makes sense that agencies like Ray White Wentworth Point are looking for a system that can automate the simple things with ease, allowing property managers to get back to tasks that matter.

“Would I consider not using PropertyMe for the future? Most definitely not,” declares Deviesseux.