Why changing software is better than a holiday

Property Management

Why changing software is better than a holiday

It can be a horrific process, changing property management software providers.

The times where a month or two before changing, you would send the backup of your data to the new software provider’s office through post or via courier, waiting to hear that they have received it, and having their development team pick it apart and work on it in the office.

Lost information, manual entry of reconciliation data and the errors associated with manual entry were all such a big part of the change. Signing on the dotted line for a three-year unbreakable contract where you pay thousands of dollars to implement, use, and learn how to actually use the program, all the while hoping you’ve made the right decision. 

The whole process can be daunting, expensive, time-consuming and generally unpleasant. I have a headache just thinking about it.

But guess what? It doesn’t have to be that bad!

As technology has advanced and made our lives easier on multiple fronts, so has the process of changing property management software. What we’ve found is that as PropertyMe is online, it makes changing providers easy and can transport your data from one system to another in a simple way.

We’ve built a custom tool that you simply run, and the work is all done for you! No waiting weeks and weeks to see if your data has transferred across properly, no cost to switch, it really is so simple.

One way to think about changing software is to relate it to moving out. You can do it one of two ways:

  • Go hire a truck
  • Buy/source packing boxes
  • Spend weeks packing up your house
  • Move contents of the house
  • Unpack the moving truck
  • Unpack all of the boxes
  • Clean the house.


  • Hire a moving company to do it all for you
  • Make adjustments once it’s complete.

Why would you do it the old way, when there’s a better alternative that saves you time, money and makes your workday easier? And why would you change software solutions to one that is 20+ years old?

In 2016, you wouldn’t replace your old computer that was made in 1990 with one that was made in the same year, so why do the same with software?

Many of our clients that switch to PropertyMe often say that they wished they made the change sooner (and we don’t blame them), as they have had bad experiences in the past with changing programs.

The benefits don’t end with an easy switch, there is so much more to gain from online software that older programs just can’t do. So take more holidays, work more efficiently and work anywhere you’d like with the freedom of being online!