Virtual reality – 3D property staging

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Virtual reality – 3D property staging

With the fast-paced nature of technology, it’s no wonder that there has been increased interest in a new way of staging your vacant properties – welcome virtual staging!

So what can you do to join this new wave of styling a property? And how does the new technology compare with a more traditional physical staging company? is a new virtual staging app that allows users to take pictures of a property with their iPad and turn the images into a 3D space. Users can then fill the rooms with a range of furniture that suits the property interior (so you don’t have to worry about an external company making bad furniture choices for your images). It is known in the real estate industry that an empty property is more difficult to sell. People need to see what a potential home will look like and feel a connection to a particular space.

What’s more appealing, a living room that’s empty, or a living room with a cozy couch, nice rug and a bookshelf where you could imagine you and your loved ones spending time together?

While physical staging companies have been great for setting the scene in property pictures, they can be expensive and a hassle organising access to move furniture in/out of properties hoping that nothing is damaged along the way!

There has been a demand in property photographers to also offer virtual staging, where for a fee (generally based per image) they will fill your empty property images with furniture. This is a great way to cut back on staging costs, as not all owners have the biggest budget when it comes to marketing their property.

If there is furniture already in the room that may not fit the decor, it can be swiftly removed using Roomy.  What’s even more awesome about this app is that there is a function to actually buy the furniture if your find it’s a perfect match!

The app integrates with different furniture providers, therefore making the whole transaction as seamless as possible. Thank heavens for online technology making our lives so much easier!