Eliminate end of month… for good

Property Management

Eliminate end of month… for good

It’s the phrase every property manager fears.


Let’s set the scene. A whole business day (or sometimes longer) where you are chained to your computer monitor with a stack of papers and a pot of coffee. Your ear glued to the phone on the line to your software provider when your property management software doesn’t work, and the blood, sweat and tears trying to resolve your issues.

What if we told you that end of month could be a thing of the past? You would probably ask ‘ Well how is that even possible, dummy’. Simple, reconcile at the end of each day as you do now and let your software do the rest (this is when you give us a big hug and say how your life has changed).

But how can this be so?

PropertyMe partitions the months for you, so end of month is triggered by the calendar date. No need to manually close your books at the end of the month, making sure everyone is logged off the system as you stare at the spinning wheel of death on your computer screen for hours.

Industry best practice is to reconcile daily, and if you do this correctly, the end of month process will be a thing of the past, and you’ll be questioning why you ever needed to do it in the first place. When developing PropertyMe, one of the issues that we found when talking to property managers was the dreaded end of month process.

It was painful and time-consuming, and we wanted to make it easier for the industry. So we scrapped it all together, making not only ourselves happy, but property managers happy (because you don’t want to make a property manager angry…).