Don’t forget about the good tenants!

Property Management

Don’t forget about the good tenants!

Let’s not beat around the bush, finding good tenants can be tough. There are so many horror stories about nightmare tenants, however, how many times do you hear about the good tenants? More importantly, how can you keep them?!

Some landlords send gifts at Christmas, some just send a card. Sometimes a note saying that you have just inspected the place and it looks great, and thanks very much is reward enough. We are all guilty of only looking for the negative and not the positive. Some landlords believe gifts are not appropriate but a simple thank you goes a long way. So we had a chat with a few property managers to ask them what they do.

Tenant of the month

Some property managers run ‘tenant of the month’ competitions, where every month they select a winner based on some simple key points eg. always paying rent on time, having great inspections and reliable when needed. Rewards include gold class movie tickets, a gift voucher to a department store or supermarket, or a small gourmet food hamper.

Birthday card

Why not send your tenants a birthday card near their birthday, with a $10 voucher to a local restaurant or store? While it may not seem like much, the thought counts and it’s amazing how special someone feels when they receive something unexpected.

Outstanding inspection thank you 

Some agencies like to reward their good tenants with an outstanding inspection thank you. Similar to tenant of the month, the thank you gifts can be small and can include gift vouchers, chocolates or a bottle of wine. It’s not all about the gifts, don’t forget how amazing it can be for a tenant to receive a simple ‘thank you’ note!