Communication is elementary, dear property manager

Property Management

Communication is elementary, dear property manager

Sounds easy and stupidly obvious, right?

That to successfully manage a portfolio of properties, you need to ensure communication is fluid between the tenant, property manager, owner and suppliers.  We are lucky (although some may think otherwise) that we have so many things available to us to streamline the way we communicate, thanks to mobile phones and the online world.

Believe it or not, there was a time where there were no mobile phones and no internet. Can you believe that some property managers would use walkie-talkies to communicate with each other when they were out and about… no joke, Dave in our office told us so.

Property management has benefitted from technology in so many ways, and with the online platforms accessible to us today will continue to do so through the use of online property management software (rather than the old-fashioned ‘installing it onto your desktop’ solutions).

Now that we live in an age of technology, where we can be contacted all the time, the expectation of communication is well beyond what it once was. Giving this some thought, we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for our clients to interact with their clients to ensure everyone is in the loop. Because technology is all about making our lives easier, right?

Think of the humble merge field in emails and letters. It can be attributed as one of life’s greatest time-saving tricks, especially in property management when you are sending emails and letters constantly to your owners, tenants and suppliers.

What if the software could automatically email your supplier a work order without you having to create it or even think about it? We’re not magicians, but we’ve managed to actually do that! Same applies for receipting, once you receipt in PropertyMe, it automatically notifies the recipient of the amount, and sends a copy without you having to do anything!

I mean, I don’t see anyone handwriting letters to their contacts anymore (because it is a huge time waster and your hand will cramp), so why not take automation that one step further. And what about the ability to store all your communications online, so you can access them on multiple devices? No more running back to the office to go to your desktop to sift through your files.

So before you rant about life’s woes, remember our forefathers who used walkie-talkies and desktop software that wasn’t accessible when they needed it.