Switch on Arrears Automation to switch off over the break

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Switch on Arrears Automation to switch off over the break

Don’t take your work home with you! Turn on Automation Studio today to keep on top any rental arrears communications and notices over the holiday break. With the options of scheduled or flexible arrears automation, you can be in complete control of exactly what gets sent when with a simple five minute set up.

Why use Arrears Automation?

Simply put, Arrears Automation sends out gentle, and not so gentle, arrears reminders to all relevant tenants at the press of a button. It sends exactly what you would be entering manually, without you needing to do the hard work. You can enter the exact wording that you typically type to a tenant into our templates, so from their perspective, nothing has changed!

How to get started

If you don’t currently have a standardised procedure or templates, this is a great time to grab a coffee, and draft them with the team. Mapping out processes can be as simple as a flowchart with links to the message templates. Decide when you’d like your tenants to receive their reminders (the number of days in arrears) and the message template you’d like to send. 

Not sure what to include in your arrears messages? We’ve put together a series of arrears message templates

Flexible or scheduled?

Arrears Automation can be set to two different modes – flexible or scheduled.


If you select Scheduled, your Automations will run automatically on the day(s) and time(s) you set. As shown below, you can select any day you like and this will run automatically each week, right on Schedule! This option is perfect for extra busy Property Managers, or when some of the team are off on leave – it is completely automated. Keep in mind, if you need to run the Automation earlier than your set time you can simply tick the Automation and select ‘Process’.


If you select Flexible, your Automations will only run whenever you press the magic ‘Process’ button. This option is perfect for those who are just starting out and would like some extra control over when the Automation is run.

For more information, check out our guide on Flexible and Scheduled Automations.

Pro Tips for Arrears Automation

  • If you are a Forms Live user you can integrate the forms into your arrears Schedule.
  • You can add a receipting rule to ensure arrears messages are only sent on days where you have processed a receipt.
  • Learn  how to exclude a tenant from the Arrears Automation.
  • Review our Arrears Automation FAQ.
  • Our final tip: dive right in and give it a spin! Anything new may seem daunting at first but trust us, it’s easier than it looks and you’ll be so happy you tried it.

Read our full guide on how to create your Automation or watch the video tutorial.

Still not sure?

Don’t take our word for it — hear what some of our Property Managers have to say about automation.

“The automation features are fantastic, they save us time in the day and the ability to customise almost everything about the arrears messages is perfect for us! It helps us all stick to our ideal weeks! Thanks PropertyMe — keep the innovations coming.” Michelle Bourne, Director at The Rightside Estate Agency

“The automation feature is a real blessing to our day-to-day tasks, long awaited and it works perfectly. The option to wait for receipting is a great thought also to prevent any unnecessary distress calls/ messages from tenants.” Blake Farquhar, Managing Director at Collection Asset Management

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