Customer loyalty management for better business results — Property Management & Me podcast episode 17


Customer loyalty management for better business results — Property Management & Me podcast episode 17

In property management, we know that fostering strong relationships with our clients is crucial to long term success, however so often the intangible “nice to do” tasks, instead of pressing “need to do” tasks are pushed to the bottom of the list.

In this episode of Property Management & Me, I chat with Casey Corrigan from AskNicely on how a systemised customer loyalty management process can go beyond the chase of high satisfaction scores, but actually create lasting, positive experiences that drive long-term success for your business through strategic feedback management. 

What does this mean for Property Managers?


Customer loyalty management is about creating a cycle of positive experiences that benefit both your clients and your business. By focusing on retention, reputation, staff engagement, and informed decision-making, you can improve your property management practice and achieve long-term success.

My top three takeaways from this episode are: 

Losing customers is costly, time-consuming, disheartening and often avoidable

By systemising customer loyalty measurements, you can identify and address potential issues early, preventing dissatisfaction from escalating.  

As Casey points out, “The NPS score itself is a measure of loyalty and growth, but measuring it will not drive loyalty and growth. It’s the systematising and taking action on improving service culture, and engaging with your customers ultimately, which really moves the needle.”

Ask, and you shall (probably) receive

If you’re doing the hard work to earn the trust and satisfaction of your clients, then make sure you aren’t missing out on the benefit of referrals. It’s very easy to fall through the cracks and be de-prioritised by the everyday hustle of property management life. However, jumping straight onto responding to positive feedback can only be of benefit, and is a really simple process

1 – Receive positive customer feedback through customer loyalty processes

2 – Call the client and thank them for their response

3 – Ask for a google / social media review OR a referral

4 – Send a follow-up template with easy steps for your customer to leave a review or a referral

Best case scenario, you have a new management, or new positive review, worst case you’ve added a nice touchpoint thanking your client for their positive feedback.

Positive recognition improves service outcomes

A happy, motivated team is essential for delivering excellent service. When Property Managers feel recognised and appreciated, their engagement and productivity soar. Encouraging a culture of feedback and continuous improvement can help reduce staff turnover and enhance the overall work environment.

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