Australian Property Investor Report 2020

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Australian Property Investor Report 2020

It has been a decade of significant change. Download our Australian Property Investor Report to take a closer look at how the average Australian property investor has changed from 2010 to now.

Australian Property Investor Report 2020 Who Is The Typical Australian Property Investor

Today, PropertyMe released the Australian Property Investor Report, which comprises comprehensive analysis of property investor and demographic data to differentiate the investor of last decade to the investor of today. It also breaks down the impact of these changes on the property management industry.

The key findings of the report are as below:

  • The typical investor of last decade owned one or two dwellings and was a 43 year old male who earned a net annual income of $103,200
  • He was likely to be married and employed as a professional, manager or small business owner
  • None of the top 10 most popular investment postcodes of last decade were in major metropolitan centres
  • Last decade, Baby Boomers held over 55% of investment properties
  • The typical investor of today owns one or two dwellings and is just as likely to be female as male
  • The typical investor of today is also decades away from retirement, likely a professional such as a teacher, and earns a net annual income of well below $100,000
  • While the average investor is in their 40s, Baby Boomers still hold the majority of homes
  • 45% of investors intend to purchase their next investment property outside of their home state
  • With 25% of all rental properties in Queensland, the state remains a favourite for Australian property investors

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