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MePay: Secure. Transparent. Free.

We believe that every tenant in Australia should have the ability to pay their rent securely and privately, without having to pay any hidden fees. That’s why we created MePay. MePay gives you a secure and simple way to manage payments related to your tenancy. Keep your data private, access your transaction history, and plan for the future. Now available in the PropertyMe mobile and desktop app.

Take control of your finances

With PropertyMe Tenant and MePay, you’re in control. Pay securely and set up automatic payments; stay on top of your bills with a clear preview of upcoming payments and rent adjustments; get insight into what you have paid for and when — all in the palm of your hand.

Easily access all your important information

Never worry about tracking down receipts, property info or searching for your Property Managers details. Preview a clear record of all your property information and conversations with your Property Manager inside the app.

Maintenance made easy

Leaky tap? No stress! With the PropertyMe app, you can easily alert your Property Manager of any issues in minutes. Simply open the app and log your requests instantly. Turn on notifications to receive updates on your requests.

Tenant Access

Tenant Access is the desktop portal made for tenants! Keep track of information related to your tenancy including payments, pending invoices, maintenance, inspections, and more.

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