Initiatives and resources

During these unprecedented times, we are committed to helping our customers through these rapidly changing circumstances. Below are some of the initiatives and resources that we have built to help you adapt to the challenges of COVID-19. We will continue to investigate all the ways we can help and will keep you updated on any developments.


Guarantee on subscription prices

To provide you with peace of mind during these uncertain times we guarantee that our subscription prices, which are already the lowest of the major cloud property management systems, will not change during this crisis. We will absorb the significant additional infrastructure costs due to the falling Australian dollar without compromising our service or security.

Waived fees on merging rent rolls

We are waiving our fees on our rent roll merging technology which enables you to merge all or part of a rent roll from PropertyMe or any one of the major property management systems into an existing PropertyMe portfolio. When you buy or sell a rent roll, this technology can save many days of data-entry work and we are pleased to make this available to all our customers at no cost between 9 April 2020 and 30 June 2020.

Waived onboarding fees when re-subscribing

Currently an onboarding fee applies whenever you restart a PropertyMe subscription. We understand that some of you may choose to hibernate your business during this crisis so if you cancel your subscription and restart it by 31 October 2020, we will waive the usual onboarding fee one time.

Features: Have your say

We know that the best way we can help you is to continue to deliver the features that simplify your day-to-day. Please take a few minutes to fill out this two-question survey about what features would be most useful during the COVID-19 crisis.

More support than ever

We have brought on additional support and onboarding team members so we’ve got more people servicing you than ever before, working long hours to help keep your business operating.


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Team Spotlight

The teams at PropertyMe have transitioned to working from home but are still smiling and
100% committed to supporting the property management industry during these unprecedented times.

Christina | Onboarding Team Leader

"We’ve been assisting a lot of customers with their transition to the cloud so that they can work from home without compromising their customer experience. With everything going on in the world, it feels good to know that we’re putting our clients’ minds at ease and making a difference, even if it’s a small one."

Peter | Support Team Leader

"I’m the Support Team Leader at PropertyMe. You might recognise me from popular PropertyMe promo videos such as Going Live with PropertyMe and Introducing the Rent Calculator! On a day-to-day basis, I ensure that all support-related enquiries are answered in a timely and professional manner and oversee data services, API integration and training content."

"This photo was taken before we transitioned to working from home. Many of our customers have done so too and I’m proud to work for a company that has enabled so many agencies across Australia and New Zealand to remain in business. We’ve also released a suite of resources in response to the pandemic so be sure to check out our Knowledge Base!"

Maddie | Onboarding Consultant

"I’m an Onboarding Consultant at PropertyMe and I’m generally the first person you speak to when you sign up. So if you’ve recently come onboard, hello again and welcome to the community!"

"One of my favourite PropertyMe features is Messages. As a property manager, clients expect constant communication which can be tough to uphold. So it’s a godsend that PropertyMe automatically generates messages when you complete a specific task."

"Prior to working from home, I loved walking home over Sydney Harbour Bridge after work and throwing dinner parties. I miss seeing my coworkers at the office but we’re all in it together and this too shall pass."

Lawrence | Onboarding Consultant

"Before I joined PropertyMe as a Support Specialist, I worked in real estate and property management for over five years. I recently moved into the Onboarding team and I love seeing the surprised look on customers’ faces when I show them how quick and easy it is to reconcile daily."

"Outside of work, I like to play piano, box and snowboard...not all at once of course. While I can’t snowboard right now, I have plenty of time to play the piano and box. Remember to stay indoors, wash your hands and reconcile daily!"

Caitlin | Support Specialist

"I work in the Support team at PropertyMe and I provide tech support for our clients. I love our Salutations feature as it allows our clients to add a personal touch to their communications and service. For example, if a tenant has a preferred name, you can use Salutations to set that."

"After transitioning to working from home, I’ve enjoyed using my ‘commute time’ to sew and work on personal projects. Just make sure you stick to a routine and have a good home office setup to avoid fatigue!"